Our Services

Helicopter Flights

High Country Adventures

  • Hunting – Pigs, Deer, Chamois and Thar can all be found in the Canterbury back-country.  We can help you plan suitable locations for you and your group, away from the crowds
  • Fishing – Canterbury has excellent Trout and Salmon fishing. We can get you to remote locations that not many would visit, and can also offer guided trips
  • Overnight in a private hut – for that authentic taste of New Zealand culture, you’ll fly to a private hut in the back-country. Enjoy the fantastic scenery on the way, and when you are there go walking or fishing.

Transport and Executive Charters

  • If you need to get somewhere fast or if you’d like to charter a helicopter for a special occasion, we can help

Pilot Services

  • We  offer flight tests for the issuing of a pilot’s license along with annual competency checks

Commercial Services

Heavy Lifting

  • We can lift heavy loads to areas that would be inaccessible by land vehicles. This can save you time and money

Fire Fighting

  • We have years of experience in aerial  fighting fire using buckets

Aerial Surveys and Transport

  • We have experience in aerial surveys, and in transporting staff to remote locations for day or multi-day data gathering

Frost Control

  • We can provide frost control for vineyards and other fruit and vegetable crops